D2 Place Weekend Market Policies  

(A) Booth Facilities                     
1. D2 Place
(The Company) will lend a desk and two chairs to each stall. On lease expiration date, all the relevant items must be returned. For other facilities, stall owner should prepare by themselves.

(B) Booth Location and Products
1. Applicants should not use the public area; any items place outside the table will count as another stall, and need to inform organizer in advice. If the applicant breaks the rule, the stall will receive a verbal warning or written warning. If the stall is still in violation of the provisions, The Company would be entitled to immediate termination of the rights of the applicant hawking.
The Company violation of the right to terminate the activities of retail sales which break our rules, The Company will not be responsible for any losses of the applicant,.
3. As a result of
bad weather or other factors cause the subscription by any property losses, the company will not be taken any liability.

(C) Booth Activities
Applicant cannot make any nuisance activity and should not use speaker for any promotional activities.
2. Booths and promotional item
should not involved any illegal, obscene, vulgar or indecent words meaning or otherwise, the Company has the rights to terminate the applicant's activities.
3. Please
keep the stall neat and tidy.


 (D) Security and Risk
Please take care of all personal belongings; the company is not liable for any damages or losses.  If the applicant has to hire security guards, please inform D2 Place in advice for arrangement and costs will directly charge to the applicant.
2. If the applicant caused any
injury to themselves or the public, or any damage to the venue and facilities, applicants are required to assume all related responsibilities.

(E) Other
1. Applicants must upload the product shot to their facebook / Instagram account and indicate D2 Place during market.
2. Applicants who fail to display their products during the markets may lead to immediate discontinuation of participation at Market, without refund, transfer or exchange..
3. The Company will make appropriate amendments to the T&C from time to time without any notice, all applicants must be strictly observed.



D2 Place週末市集守則須知

1. D2 Place會借出一張檯,兩張椅給每位攤位檔主,在攤位租約期滿日或之前,有關物品必須交回。如需其他設施,需自行預備。

1. 申請者絕不可使用指定位置以外之公眾地方,如於枱面以外位置加設任何設備均作另一枱計算,並務必作預早通知。如申請者違規,本司將會以口頭警告或書面警告。若警告後申請者仍然違反規定,本司會有權即時終止申請者擺賣之權利。

2. 本司當值職員有權終止違反展銷訂用守則之零售活動繼續進行,申請者之任何損失,本司概不負責。

3. 如因天氣或其他因素而導致訂用者任何財物損失,本司會概不承擔責任。


1. 申請者不可在現場製造特別聲響效果或作出任何滋擾性活動及不可在場揚聲叫賣。

2. 攤位及宣傳物品不可涉及非法、淫穢、粗俗或不雅之意思或字句,否則本司有權終止申請者之活動。

3. 活動場地內敬請保持地方清潔。


1. 申請者於零售活動進行期間須自行看管其展品及財物,如有任何損毀或遺失,本司會概不承擔任何責任。若需聘請保安員代為看管物品,申請者必須事先通知本司會作出安排,有關之費用須由申請者自行承擔。

2. 如申請者因其零售活動而引致自己或公眾人士有任何損傷,或場地及設施有任何損毀,申請者須承擔所有有關責任。

1. 申請者必須於活動期間將有關之産品放上載至其facebook / Instagram 內並註明D2 Place

2. 申請者如活動其間未能擺放其產品,本司有權取消其申請。而所繳交之款項則不被退還。

3. 本司會不時對守則作適當修訂,而不作任何另行通知,所有申請者必須嚴格遵守。