D2 Pop-up Gallery


....D2 Pop-up Gallery which includes many pillars and wall area on 1/F and 3/F of the mall, provide a platform for local designers to showcase their works; as well as to cultivate the habit of public appreciation of the arts, and develop a brand new concept of combing art and commerce in D2 Place ONE. ..為進一步推動本地文化創意,D2 Pop-up Gallery 誠邀及贊助本地藝術家及設計師發揮大膽創意,於D2 Place商場一期內多幅牆身、柱樑及升降機轉變成創意平台,展示各種藝術作品。Gallery 將會定期更換及招募設計作品,以支持及提供展示空間予不同的創作單位,籍著培養大眾欣賞藝術的習慣,帶來嶄新的購物與藝術相融空間。....

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.... Season II..第二回....:
UOB 'Golden Garden' Installation Award 2015 ENTRIES

....ABOUT UOB Art Academy


The UOB Art Academy is established by United Overseas Bank (UOB) by 2015 to celebrate UOB Hong Kong's 50th Anniversary. It aims to initiate the general public into appreciation and education of art through a series of activities such as UOB "Golden Garden" Installation Art Award to recognize the local artists' contribution and achievement, as well as to promote cross cultural dialogues between Hong Kong's local artists and Southeast Asian artists.


Date:From now to Apr 29, 2016
Time:10 am - 10 pm
Address:2/F, D2 Place ONE, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Transport:Exit D2, Lai Chi Kok MTR Station

關於大華銀行「藝 ‧ 坊」

為慶祝大華銀行(香港)成立50週年,機構於2015年創立大華銀行「藝 ‧ 坊」,透過不同的活動致力推廣藝術欣賞及教育,包括「Golden Garden」裝置藝術大獎,表揚本地藝術家的貢獻及成就,同時推同香港與東南亞藝術家的文化交流。


地址:九龍荔枝角長義街9號D2 Place一期2樓


*....Information provided by UOB Art Academy..文字由大華銀行「藝‧坊」提供....


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