即日起憑以下指定停車場之即日泊車票或泊車收據,並於商場一期或二期指定商戶即日消費滿HK$200(以一張機印發票計算),便可於商場一期或二期顧客服務處免費換領The Barn HK$20現金券乙張。






條款及細則 Terms and Conditions:
1.顧客凡於 D2 PLACE ONE 地面 至 4樓指定商戶*及10樓大公館 或 D2 PLACE TWO 地面 至 3樓指定商戶*、6樓Musee及11樓CGV cinemas累積消費滿港幣300元或以上(以最多2張單據計算),可享用2小時免費泊車優惠;累積滿港幣500元或以上(以最多2張單據計算),則可享用3小時免費泊車優惠。(*不包括於市集,POP-UP Stores或其他商場推廣活動之消費);
Shoppers could enjoy 2 Hours of Free Parking for spending HK$300 or more, OR 3 Hours of Free Parking for spending HK$500 or more in designated shops* at G/F to 4/F and 10/F of D2 Place ONE or G/F to 3/F, 6/F and 11/F of D2 Place TWO. The total spending amount could be accumulated by NOT more than 2 receipts (*NOT applicable to Weekend Markets, POP-UP Stores or other in-mall promotional activities);

2. 顧客需憑即日機印消費單據,於一期或二期商場地面泊車收費站登記。免費時段以外之泊車時間將以正常收費計算;
Shoppers must present On-day Printed Receipts to the G/F Shroff Office of D2 Place ONE or D2 Place TWO for redemption. Any additional parking time outside of the free period will be charged with regular fares;

3. 機印單據必須為正本並清晰印有商戶名稱、消費日期及金額。任何單據影印本、複印本、已被損毀或經塗改之單據、手寫單據、易辦事及信用咭收據存根等,恕不接受;
Printed receipts must be original and clearly show the shop name, issued date and spending amount. Photocopies, reprints, damaged or altered receipts, handwritten receipts, EPS or credit cards counterfoils are not accepted;

4. 此優惠只適用於私家車及客貨車類別。如遺失時租泊車票則不可享有免費泊車優惠;
This offer is applicable to private cars and light goods vehicle only, and will be void if the parking ticket is lost;

5. 已用作泊車優惠之單據仍可用作參與其他商場推廣活動;
Receipts redeemed for Free Parking can be used for other redemption or promotional offer by D2 Place;

6. D2 PLACE 商戶及其職員均不能享用此項免費泊車優惠。D2 PLACE 保留隨時更改優惠條款及細則之權利。如有任何爭議,D2 PLACE 保留最終決定權。
D2 PLACE tenants and their staff are not eligible to participate in this offer. D2 PLACE reserves the rights to alter or amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In case of any dispute, the decision by D2 PLACE shall be final.